Gents Fixtures

Fixture List

13th June – McCulloch Cup
14th June – Silver Tassie (Stableford)
16th June – Toke McNeil
18th June – Captains Shield (Stableford)
21st June – Harry Wyse
23rd June – Toke McNeil
25th June – Captains Shield (Stableford)
28th June – Davy Brunton (Stableford)

7th July – Toke McNeil
9th July – Captains Shield (Stableford)
11th July – Bob Nairn Trophy
12th July – July Medal
14th July – Toke McNeil
16th July – Captains Shield (Stableford)
18th July – Williamson Trophy
19th July – Club Championship 1st Round
21st July – Toke McNeil
23rd July – Captains Shield (Stableford)
26th July – Club Championship 2nd Round
27th July to 31st July – Club Championship Matchplay

2nd August – Club Championship Finals Day
4th August – Toke McNeil
6th August – Captains Shield (Stableford)
9th August – Lochgelly Open
11th August – Toke McNeil
13th August – Captains Shield (Stableford)
15th August – Joe Jackson 1st Round
16th August – Joe Jackson 2nd Round
18th August – Toke McNeil
20th August – Captains Shield (Stableford)
23rd August – Alex Lawson Trophy
30th August – August Medal

6th September – September Medal
8th September – Toke McNeil
10th September – Captains Shield (Stableford)
12th September – Challenge Shield 1st Round
13th September – Challenge Shield 2nd Round
20th September – Par 3 Open
27th September – J Reid Trophy

4th October – October Medal
10th October – William Thomson Trophy
11th October – Champion of Champions

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